What is SitePad Website Builder

What is SitePad Website Builder

Today’s internet habits have pushed online searching to become as quick and simple as possible, which leads to more minimalist website designs and therefore, less work required, maybe just a taste of style and some designing skills.

With that being said, countless companies and online platforms have worked their way to bring us simple, high-quality solutions regarding web development.

As you may know, building a website can either be done manually by programming or via the more accessible way, building and designing your website with the help of various online tools such as pre-built website templates or drag and drop website builders. In this article, we are going to talk about the latter, covering everything you need to know about this platform and its potential benefits for you.

What is SitePad Website Builder

SitePad website builder is a Content Management System (CMS), meaning that it is a tool where people with no knowledge of coding can create websites using pre-designed themes and templates easy to edit by dragging and dropping elements on the screen.

SitePad comes hand in hand for both beginners and experienced web developers due to its features and benefits. The best thing about it is that you can publish static web pages (HTML, CSS, JS), meaning there would be no database storage needed on your server and therefore you’re website will load much faster.

When it comes to accessibility and variety of options, SitePad offers over 235 Responsive Themes covering almost all types of categories out there: Blogs, E-commerce, Landing Pages, Portfolio, etc… The platform also includes over 40 handy widgets such as video, audio, Image slider, Contact Form, Social Media, and others for you to use within your website.

How SitePad Website Builder works

As we mentioned above, website builders are meant to be easy to use tools for people to build their own site the way they want without having to hire any programmer or learning how to code themselves.

That said, website builders are simple, with SitePad, the only unusual task would be login into cPanel and searching for SitePad, everything else is piece of cake.

You start by picking a template or theme that you think will best suit your website style. The platform’s library has almost all kinds of themes for every type of website for you to choose from. Each template comes with built-in features and elements. To edit any element of the page, you only have to click on it and a simple editor will pop-up with various editing options. Elements and icons can be repositioned by simply dragging and dropping them wherever you want, just like in any other basic editor.

Then you can add new elements and widgets to enhance your page. Besides standard elements such as video and audio, you’ll also get some more sophisticated widgets such as service box, modals, social media share buttons, countdown timer, etc…

Template Demonstration:

Once you’ve brought your website look to your liking, all is left to do is pay for the template if you haven’t already and post the website on the internet. You can pay through almost any method you want (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, BitCoin).

Now that you’re done with building the actual website, you should know that the job is not entirely done if you’re expecting other people to find it online. The point is that for a website to be posted on the internet, you’ll have to buy a domain name and web hosting services. If you don’t know what these things are, plain and simple, all the customer information will have to be kept somewhere because it takes storage, this is where servers step in. You can pay a web hosting service to store your information on a server monthly or even yearly, the price depends on the type of package you purchase. As for the domain name, you can’t have an authentic and unique domain name (i.e. ‘google.com’) without purchasing one.

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