Everything about backlinks and their importance

Everything about backlinks and their importance

When talking about building a sustainable and competitive website, you encounter various terms, among which you could hear about the so-called “backlinks”.

Today, we are going to cover everything about what backlinks are, why are they important and where can you get them from. With that being said, let’s begin.

What are backlinks?

Plain and simple, backlinks are those links that merely direct visitors from one website to the page of some other website. When talking about backlinks, usually you will hear about the website (the referrer) that uses the link to address the user to the website where visitors end up to (the referent). In this process, where the referrer would be point A and the referent point B, we could say that a backlink sends a visitor from point A to point B, meaning that point B has a backlink from point A.

Why are backlinks important?

Although backlinks may not seem so important at first, they are almost crucial when we’re talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

In case you aren’t familiar with SEO, it is basically the process google uses to determine how and where to rank a website based on a number of factors such as page loading speed, security and accessibility, optimized content, user experience, and of course, backlink quality.

When a website scores well with all or most of these factors, it is more likely that Google or any other search engine will push it as high as possible in the search results. Proper SEO is useful both for the website owner and the search engine as qualitative and well-optimized content will ensure the search engines that they get more organic traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate overall. Therefore it is much more convenient for them to push this kind of website high in the rankings.

Coming back to our point, backlinks out of all the 200 factors of SEO, are considered to be in the top 3 relevant factors, making them imperative for your website ranking.

Understanding how backlinks work with SEO

Now that you know what backlinks are and why are they important, let’s find out how do they work in pairs with SEO, what type of backlinks are the best, and most importantly, how to make them work better for us.

First, you should understand that Google is looking at backlinks as,,votes”, meaning the more links your website has, the higher you’re gonna rank. In this case, these ‘votes’ are acting as a level of confidence for your website.

However, that’s not all you should step down to, the quality of your backlinks is the main director in this case. Quality of backlinks comes with two main considerations, first, we are talking about the authority of the website linking to you, if a bigger, more trustable website links to you, it would be more efficient than a smaller website backlinking your website. Google knows that getting a backlink from the bigger website is way harder than getting it from the smaller one.

Now, the second thing that they are looking at within their algorithm, is the relevance of that link, in other words, how related is that backlink for your website and your specific niche… So, if that bigger website has nothing to do with your website niche or services, a backlink from them would not be as effective as the one from the smaller but more related website.

This leads us to the conclusion that if you want to build a really effective backlinking system, you should consider getting the links from websites both relevant and related to your area.

Last but not least, search engines are looking at something called domain authority (DA), that’s how authoritative the website linking to you is. Domain authority is from a scale of 1 to 100, where you could compare 100 with websites like google.com and others.

You should always be safe about getting backlinks from valuable sites and content, it is imperative to get linked to from unique articles and posts, providing you with higher reach and organic customers.

So, if you could get a lot of backlinks, if you can get them from relevant sites, and you can get them from authoritative sites that have high domain authority, you’re rankings are guaranteed to climb.

Where to get backlinks from?

We clarified everything about the ‘why’ and ‘how’, but what about the most important part, what about the part of where should I get backlinks from?

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