Why You Should Pick HoneyHost For Your Web Hosting And Domain

Why You Should Pick HoneyHost For Your Web Hosting And Domain

Methods to build your website

On the first side of the spectrum there is the traditional way of building websites, which is actually coding it, and on the other side is WordPress. While coding requires knowledge of basic markup languages such as HTML and CSS and programming languages like PHP to build a fully responsive website, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that comes with pre-built templates where you only need to change the content inside the template and get the website up and running with just a few clicks.

Now, which method to use is up to each individual, the main benefits of programming are that you can customize your website exactly the way you want and if you’re doing it yourself, it would also be free. If you don’t know how to program, you can hire a web developer to built your desired website which of course could be costly.

However, if you don’t have specific preferences on how your site should look, WordPress is a better choice. There are over 5.000 free WordPress templates you can choose from and a whole bunch of premium themes and templates if you are pickier on details and outlook. Still, customizing your WordPress website requires some technical skills if you want to go more advanced, something you could also skip if you would hire a WordPress developer.

Depending on your needs, you can choose which method to go with.

So far, everything sounds good and clear, however, the journey is not done. What everyone deals with after building their website is hosting it and getting a good domain, tasks that first-timers could find confusing.

Web hosting and domain registration

What do these things mean? Simply put, web hosting is the process of posting your website on the internet. How you can do that? You find a hosting service provider also called a web host and pay him to allocate space on a web server where your website can store its files. For example, all data of your website customer accounts is stored on a web server. In order for your site to be hosted on the server, you have to pay a monthly fee depending on your subscription plan to your hosting provider.

What about domains? A web domain defines your presence on the web. Web domains replace the IP address of websites with domain names. For example, instead of, your website can be named www.example.com after you purchase an available name.

Now that we clarified what these services are and why do we need them, let’s see who is the best hosting and domain provider for you and what can you expect from them.

Why HoneyHost is The Best Hosting and Domain Provider for You

HoneyHost is the best hosting and domain provider when it comes to small and middle-scale websites. We host from small start-up websites to established companies and agencies websites. What makes us the right choice for you is the vast selection of web hosting subscription plans and more than affordable prices that you can choose from on our hosting page. Depending on your current needs, you can get from a personal subscription plan offering 10GB of storage and a whole year of free domain and SSL for just $3.99/Mo to an enterprise plan where you get unlimited storage space, 5GB for each email account, 2 CPUs and a memory of 1.500 MB for a fair cost of $15.99/Mo.

As for domains, you get to register, transfer, and even renewal any available top-level domain (ex. , .com”, .net”) you want. For more details, please visit our Domains Page.

Still, that’s not all. Our customers benefit from the most comfortable and stress-free web hosting experience possible due to the fact that we use the popular web-based control panel cPanel. Tools like softaculous allow the installation of over 500 open source scripts and applications with just a few clicks.

Overall, HoneyHost is currently the best hosting and domain provider on the market for small and medium groups looking for these services,