What Should You Do For Your Website Design?

What Should You Do For Your Website Design?

Web design is well known to be an industry that requires technical skills, which is why for the past decade multiple platforms were launched on the market to make it easier and faster for you to build your own professional looking online store, blog or website without having to build it traditionally with code or paying someone to build it for you.

With that being said, let’s see what options does someone who doesn’t have programming or technical skills have for building and designing their website.

First, you must understand the differences between multiple website design tools and what type of website are you looking for.

What type of website design do you need?

As you might have guessed, there are different types of websites you could have, depending on your needs you can choose which version do you like. For example, if you want to host a blog, there are multiple templates well optimized for all screen sizes that you can download and change the content inside. If you are searching for an online business website template or eCommerce themes, you can choose an online store template or a landing page, which contains a single, scrollable page where you could list what type of services do you provide, information about you, and products.

Either way, there are themes and templates for all kinds of websites you can choose from.

Where should I get my website template from?

As we mentioned above, there are several big platforms where you can get both free and paid themes and templates. But before we dive into the big platforms, consider checking 2020’s best selling eCommerce websites templates as well as the best landing pages templates of the year, we highly recommend you to use these simple and effective templates if you don’t want to stretch your head with technicalities.

WordPress themes and Woocommerce

Perhaps the most popular option out of this list, WordPress themes and templates are the way to go for most people when it comes to well designed and good looking themes. If you are confused about how can WordPress help with online stores and landing pages, find out that WordPress has a free plugin that allows you to sell products and services from your WordPress site.

Woocommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin that basically turns your site into an eCommerce store like amazon and eBay by bringing to the table a lot of useful additional features and extensions.

Here are the best Woocommerce themes of the year you can choose from.

Magento themes

Although WordPress is a popular and trusted option, many people find it difficult or time-consuming to go through the installation of additional plugins and scripts, which is why Magento was launched into the market and had such big success. Unlike WordPress, with Magento, you don’t have to install other plugins as it is an open-source platform designed for eCommerce store themes.

Magento is its own content management system(CMS) offering easy to use and effective features such as pre-built payment systems, easy navigation, product comparison, advanced product filtering system, and others.

Here you can see some of the best Magento themes on the market.

Prestashop themes

As expected, there is an alternative option for Magento that today serves as its biggest competitor- Prestashop. Although these are very similar platforms, both being open-source eCommerce CMSs, each has its own advantages and downside in front of another. Overall, Prestashop is considered a bit simpler and easier to use, has great functionalities, and less expensive prices making it the best choice for beginners.

If you are curious what themes and templates does Prestashop offer, you can click here.

An important thing you must consider

Although this might seem off-topic, it is very important to know every step of the process of building and launching a website online.

Creating and designing your website is not all, once you do that you’ll have to actually post it on the internet. In case you are confused, we are talking about hosting your website and registering a domain name for it. Without hosting your website, there won’t be an online server linked to it and people won’t be able to see it. As for the domain name, if you want your website to look professional, you must get a good domain name.

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